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We are actively building a community of reporters, editors, industry leaders, researchers, legal practitioners, law enforcement officers and judicial officers who want to solve the problem of inaccurate legal reporting. With their help, we are creating a repository of resources that will help reporters understand the nuances of the justice system while reporting on it.

Legal terminology can be complex and confusing, particularly for journalists who may not have a background in law. This glossary is designed to provide a basic overview of some common legal terms that journalists may encounter in their work. It is not exhaustive, but it should provide a useful starting point for journalists looking to improve their understanding of the legal system.
If you’d like specific terms defined or contribute to these definitions, please get in touch with us at communications@dakshindia.org

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A big thank you to Jaydeep Findoria, Sahil Mehta, Nitya Kaligotla for their assistance.

Have you come across any legal terms you have difficulty understanding? Let us know and we'll include it in our glossary!

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