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MĀRGA – Media And its Role in Governance and Accountability is an initiative by DAKSH which examines the role of the media in governance and accountability, especially in the justice system, and explores avenues to deepen democracy through strengthening the role played by the media.

The idea of MĀRGA arose from a realization that the standard of reporting by the media on the justice system has a direct bearing on the public’s trust in this system. This further affects the manner in which the public engages with law enforcement and courts. We aim to encourage legal reporting that is accurate, ethical and easy to understand. We believe the media is a close associate of the justice system and the principle of open courts requires the media to report on legal issues in a fair and simple manner.

We intend to achieve this through consultations with all the stakeholders, advocacy, sensitisation/awareness campaigns, training, curriculum design, research publications, round tables, conferences

We conduct and design workshops on ethical legal reporting for students and young professionals interested in journalism. We are developing courses and resources with the aim of improving the quality of legal reporting.

We undertake research on how to improve the standards of legal reporting. This includes analysis of existing standards for accuracy, legal and self imposed. We study the concerns of the reporters, the structure within which they function and their interaction with the various components of the justice system. Click here to read our reports.

We are actively building a community of reporters, editors, industry leaders, researchers, legal practitioners, law enforcement officers and judicial officers who want to solve the problem of inaccurate legal reporting. With their help, we are creating a repository of resources that will help reporters understand the nuances of the justice system while reporting on it.


We regularly conduct conferences, talks and roundtable discussions to engage different stakeholders and brainstorm on media accountability and emerging ethical concerns. Check out our latest events below.

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