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DAKSH Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Law and Technology at IIT Delhi

The DAKSH Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Law and Technology was established at IIT Delhi to conduct interdisciplinary research to explore, understand, and build solutions for various aspects of the justice system. The CoE brings together lawyers, researchers, scientists and policy analysts to build solutions for the biggest challenges facing the justice system, drawing from fields such as operations research, data analytics, technology and law. As an interdisciplinary centre harnessing the strengths and experience of IIT Delhi and DAKSH, the CoE will leverage rigourous research to produce real-world impact in the functioning of the justice system. IIT Delhi brings to the CoE its expertise in statistical techniques, data modelling, natural language processing, and machine learning. DAKSH offers its pioneering use of data analytics to assist the judiciary and a deep understanding of judicial processes and the legal system.

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