At DAKSH, we believe that the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers of the States and Chief Justices of the High Courts (‘CM-CJ Conference’), is an excellent platform for the executive and judiciary to deliberate...

DAKSH and the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Bengaluru have collaborated in producing a report titled “Litigation Landscape of Bengaluru. Series 1: Bengaluru Rural Courts”...

There are large and persistent imbalances in the allocation of funds to the Judiciary, resulting in an alarming shortfall in personnel and infrastructure. For example, average budget per pending case across...

Delay and pendency in courts are one of the most important topics discussed today. There is a dire need to examine the issue in-depth and come up with evidence based policy decisions to tackle the problem.

Our Access to Justice survey is the first of its kind in India. Undertaken across 300 district courts all over India, it maps litigants’ perceptions on issues relevant to their experiences with the judicial system...

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