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Roundtable Conference in Collaboration with BMSCL

In February 2023, DAKSH and BMS College of Law, Bangalore jointly hosted a closed-door roundtable discussion with Honourable Mr Justice Suraj Govindaraj of the High Court of Karnataka, Senior Advocate Mr S.N. Murthy and Senior Advocate Mr Harish Narasappa. Also present were select alumni and students from BMS College of Law.

The discussion was focused on understanding the requirement for a transparent, fair and predictable listing system and the challenges faced by judges while hearing over 50 matters a day. Mr S. N. Murthy discussed the role of strategic roster management in designing listing procedures with an emphasis on listing matters on the basis of the subject matter specialization of judges. Mr Narsappa highlighted the importance of improving event certainty in the listing, especially by determining with precision the purpose of the proceedings scheduled for a day. 

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