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An inaugural discussion on Media's Relationship with the Law and Justice System was held on 26 January 2021

DAKSH’s webinar Lawyers' Experiences during COVID-19 was a follow up to our Report on Lawyers' Experiences during COVID-19 pandemic, moderated by Leah Verghese to discuss the findings of the report

Eight Annual Constitution Day

DAKSH and the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, Bengaluru have collaborated in producing this Report, the first in a series aimed at better understanding the litigation landscape of Bengaluru.

The High Court of Delhi ran an experimental pilot project for two years to come up with timelines for disposal of different types of cases, and study the effects of an absence of backlog on judicial delay.

It has been a matter of constant dispute in constitutional interpretation whether a constitution should be interpreted in accordance with the intention of the founders or be dynamically driven by the needs of the times.

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