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CM – CJ Conference

At DAKSH, we believe that the Joint Conference of Chief Ministers of the States and Chief Justices of the High Courts (‘CM-CJ Conference’), is an excellent platform for the executive and judiciary to deliberate on the state of the judicial system and the steps to be taken for its efficient functioning. We have found that in its preceding editions, the CM-CJ Conference has deliberated on reform measures for all tiers of the judiciary.

Keeping in mind the potential that this Conference has to bring to the fore relevant issues pertaining to judicial reforms, DAKSH has prepared a note with suggestions for topics that can be discussed at the upcoming Conference on 29 August 2019 – 1 September 2019. These topics are informed by the fact that the CM-CJ Conference is a valuable forum for the executive and the judiciary to jointly deliberate on how the judicial system can be made to work more efficiently.

As an organisation working in the area of judicial reforms, we propose the following topics for discussion at the upcoming CM-CJ Conference:

  1. Initiating Pilot Projects
  2. Enhancing Institutional Capacity
  3. Implementing implement efficient government litigation management systems
  4. Improving investigation capacity
  5. Envisioning Judiciary as a platform – build on e-Courts Phase II
  6. Modernising Tribunals

Meaningful reform in the judiciary is possible through the concerted efforts of both the executive and the judicial wings of the government. We hope that these topics for discussion can make their way in the upcoming or future editions of the CM-CJ Conference. These are crucial reform recommendations which can benefit the judiciary at all levels. 


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