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Bulldozer Justice

In this episode, Ninni Susan Thomas discussed the controversial practice known as Bulldozer Justice in India. What drives the sudden demolitions of homes and businesses across various regions? How does this form of enforcement reflect on the rule of law in the country? Join us as we trace the origins of Bulldozer Justice, examining the role of state machinery in these aggressive actions. We’ll dive into the legal framework surrounding these demolitions, questioning their legality and the often dubious justifications provided. A pattern surrounding these demolitions and instances of where these have been carried out are discussed,  highlighting the communities most affected by these forceful measures. Through this episode, we aim to shed light on the connection between Bulldozer Justice and the broader Rule Of Law in India. Is this practice a necessary step for maintaining public order, or does it signify a troubling drift towards authoritarianism?



Host: Ninni Susan Thomas

This is a Maed in India production.

Producer: Sean D’mello

Sound Mixing: Lakshman Parsuram

Project Supervisor: Shaun Fanthome



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