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Switching Sides: The Intricacies of Anti-Defection in Politics

After the nail-biting election results in India on June 4, 2024, with margins fluctuating dramatically, many contemplated the possibility of defections of elected politicians to other parties. Defections have become such a staple in Indian politics that social media was rife with memes about politicians being sequestered in resorts. Against this backdrop, this episode where Ninni Susan Thomas interviews MR Madhavan would offer some valuable insights. MR Madhavan is the co-founder and President of PRS Legislative Research. PRS was established to deliver high-quality, independent research to legislators, aiming to help them grasp the complexities of various issues and understand the impact of policies through data analysis. After exploring the history of the anti-defection law in India, the discussion in the episode moves to the repercussions of defection, the influence of the anti-defection law on parliamentary democracy, and its impact on legislative debates. The conversation also touches on the roles of the Speaker and the courts during defection crises, and Madhavan shares his perspectives on the future of the anti-defection law.



Host: Ninni Susan Thomas

This is a Maed in India production.

Producer: Sean D’mello

Sound Design & Mixing: Vijay Doiphode

Project Supervisor: Shaun Fanthome



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