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Advance Causelist Petition - High Court of Karnataka

Late in 2022, DAKSH convened informal meetings with advocates practising at the High Court of Karnataka to understand their concerns regarding the listing. A common refrain, especially amongst women advocates who bear significant caregiving responsibilities, was that they are unable to adequately prepare for the final hearings in their matters because they are given only a day’s notice before these hearings are listed. 

The High Court of Karnataka followed the practice of releasing an “Advance cause list” for the final hearing till November 2021 but this was discontinued. DAKSH along with several interested advocates are working towards getting this system re-instituted. Our petition to the Chief Justice was one such step. 

If you have thoughts on advanced cause lists at the High Court of Karnataka or would like to share how it works in other courts – write to us at anindita@dakshindia.org or join our WhatsApp or telegram channels and let us know!

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