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Access to Justice: a Fundamental Right

A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in Anita Khushwa v. Pushpa Sadan (judgment delivered on July 19, 2016) has not only affirmed earlier declarations that ‘access to justice’ is a fundamental right under Article 21, but has made an effort to identify the various components of access to justice.

The Long, Expensive Road to Justice

A survey by research agency Daksh, made available exclusively to India Today, exposes the reasons for the unconscionable delays in the delivery of justice in India, the unserviceable workload, the harassment of litigants and chronic administrative neglect.

Salman and Speed

The Bombay High Court has today given its verdict in Salman Khan’s appeal. A lower court had found him guilty in a hit-and-run case. The High Court took just over 7 months to decide this appeal.

Caste- Myths and Realities

In election season, everybody is a pundit and has a view about the factors that will determine the outcome of the election. The diversity of the electorate ensures that everyone can get their voice in and can claim credit for predicting something right! One of the all-time favourites during election is the argument around caste and its importance.

Jobs, Please

The DAKSH-ADR Survey 2014 reached over 2 lakh respondents across the country from various backgrounds. We asked people to identify and rate the issues that are important to them when they vote in an election.